The Story of ~ Clusia rosea Princess

I am a strong plant with thick, leathery, oval green leaves, which shine beautifully.

My leaves grow per pair on a stalk and can grow up to 20 cm.

Sometimes I make side branches in the armpits of the leaves.

My trunk and branches are green at first, but after a while they lignify the the bottom up and will get a brown colour.


I am member of the genus of Clusiaceae and originally live in the rainforests of the Caribbean, South America and even in the south of the United States. There I grow on different surfaces, from very dry to very wet and from up in another tree or in the soil (semi-epiphyte). When I am in a very dry climate for a while I can make long (air) roots. I distinguish myself by a smaller leaf structure because I am created by selective breeding, the leaf of my family is much larger.

My hangout

I am an attractive plant for consumers who love convenience! I thrive the best in a heated living room, at 60°F and 80°F. Put me as light as possible, without direct sunlight. In a somewhat dark place I can grow well, I will just adapt myself. It is important, however, that I do not always like to move from a very light to a dark place.

Best conditions

I prefer a humid earth, give water once a week and prevent the pot tips from drying out. The best thing is that the ground is dark brown, then you know it is not too dry. If the ground is black, the earth is too wet. If you give too large amounts of water at a time, my roots will end up in a layer of water which can cause root rot. I require a bit of plant food every month. In the winter you can moderate with the watering. High humidity is not very important for me, because my leaves have a thick, leathery exterior.

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