Coniogramme Intenz®

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Our Coniogramme Intenz® has made it to the semi-final of the ‘Glazen Tulp Award’ 2021!

During the year 2020, there were several voting rounds in which a professional jury determined which products would make it to the final. Our Coniogramme Intenz® was nominated in the category “indoor plants green”.

The final of De Glazen Tulp Award will be during the day of the Cooperative on December 10th, 2020. So, we still have to be patient!

More about the Coniogramme Intenz®

The nickname loud Bamboo Fern (Bamboo Fern)

Coniogramme species are found in tropical regions of Africa, East Asia (India, China, Java, Japan) and the archipelago of the Pacific Ocean (Hawai, Samoa)

These Coniogramme emeiensis is cultivated and sold as a regular houseplant but, when hardened, it can withstand temperatures of -12 degrees.

So, if the plant has lost its ornamental value in the living room, a second life in the garden is perfectly possible.

Place this beauty in the partial shade in the living room.



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