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Do other things with plants!

That was the message Ivo gave students during a guest lecture at Clusius College in Alkmaar

In consultation with the makers of De Grote Tuinverbouwing and Menno Groen from the Clusius College in Alkmaar, we thought it would be a good idea to connect students and the business community through a guest lecture by Ivo. A few years ago, as a company, we were also able to provide a guest lecture and we noticed with how much enthusiasm the team of the Clusius College is working on training students for our beautiful sector! The Clusius College offers attractive VMBO and MBO courses, in which they give a lot of attention to nature, sustainability, food and the living environment. In short, they train for living and working in a green world.



Ivo gave a guest lesson to the students of the flower & design course, where they learn everything about flowers and plants, making designs and styling flowers and plants. These students are creative and learn to think and work in a customer-oriented way through marketing and entrepreneurship classes. These students work in a flower shop or want to start their own business in flowers and plants.


During this guest lecture, Ivo spoke about the latest trend of the moment: Hydroponics. How you can tell more about it in a flower or plant shop and about the care of plants in water. Because you can also do more with plants in a flower shop! The students were also allowed to work on creating their own plant on water, so hydroponics!

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