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Karin Vollering kicked off her first event: “Green power session”.

Karin Vollering has joined BNS (Professional Association for the Dutch Stylist) since December 2018 as an inspiring ambassador for green styling. She runs a city shop in Delft: “Groene Vingers”, a world of experience in which Karin wants to inspire, amaze and surprise customers with plants. If you are asked by this inspiring lady if you would like to make your company available to let stylists literally get acquainted with what greenery can do for you from the ground up, you obviously don’t say no to that, we wanted to work on that!

The theme of this green power session was:

Does a ‘green’ living environment ensure a healthier life?

The changing society and the increasing need of companies and individuals in the field of styling in the broadest sense of the word, requires an adjustment in the services of stylists. The boundaries between living, working and living are fading and the need for ‘green’ has only increased in every living environment. Especially now, in the hectic everyday life, we are often looking for a healthy and extra comfortable moment.

After the opening by the chairman of BNS, Carin Frijters, we took the members during this first green power session into the effects of greenery in your living environment:

  • Karin Vollering, as a green stylist, told more about the application of green plants in the living environment of your customer: at home in the office or in restaurants. And what the effects are for your well-being and state of mind. By means of beautiful inspirational photos Karin gave practical applications of various plants.
  • Gabrielle Fabbro of Ogreen Clean Machines talked about the effects of plants in your living environment and she also explained the scientific base of Ogreen’s plants. People have lost the connection with nature, but it is precisely the power of nature that ensures a healthy and vital life.
  • I myself was able to tell more about our company and the different types of plants we grow. That with our Concept Store we seek connections with customers and with consumers and inspire them to do more with plants. All this from our passion as a grower.

Then it was time to roll up our sleeves during a mini hydroponics workshop and a tour of the greenhouses.

We look back on a successful green power session! It was very nice to be able to work with such an enthusiastic team from BNS, thanks Carin Frijters, Karin Vollering, Gabrielle Fabbro and Jalena Brillenburg.


About Professional Association of Dutch Stylists

BNS is especially for stylists who handle their profession professionally. Who want to keep up when it comes to professional knowledge and therefore follow training courses / workshops and attend lectures to increase that knowledge and to be aware of the latest developments. BNS contributes to this and provides inspiration, information, interesting meetings and an extensive network of and for experienced stylists.

Founded in 2009 and quickly developed into a professional stylist advocate. From the start with a clear focus on (private) interior styling and real estate styling. At the end of 2018, a conscious decision was made to broaden the range and the domains of business interior styling and green styling were added to this in order to be able to respond even better to the changing market. The four different domains each have their own ambassador. Literally an icon within the specific styling field. This ambassador provides interesting programming to inspire members and further professionalize the profession:

  • Christel Benning: Interior styling business
  • Jelena Brillenburg Wurth: Interior styling private
  • Marleen van Leest: Property styling
  • Karin Vollering: Greenstyling
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