In recent years, our company has developed a new activity: hydroponics. Hydroponics is the rooting and growth of plants in water.

How it started

The beauty of plants is not only in the leaf canopy that you see, but also in the soil, where special properties of the plant are hidden. The roots of plants absorb the nutrients for the plant and break down harmful substances that the plant has absorbed from out of the air through the pores of the leafs.


From our passion, we started experimenting years ago to make this hidden world more visible for the human eye. We had the Clusia rosea ‘Princess’ rooted in water in various places (kitchen, living room, office, bathroom). The great thing was that you saw the plant develop and grow because everything was visible in the water. The beautiful roots in a glass jar of water, it was literally “back to the roots”. We wanted to show this passion to consumers and that is why we started researching on our social media channels and in our Concept Store whether there was a demand for these types of concepts. We sure noticed that! The response was overwhelming!

Green Lifestyle

Green houseplants are currently a prominent part of a lifestyle that revolves around nature and health. Hydroponics fits perfectly in this green revolution, because it also shows how a plant lives and develops. The Clusia rosea ‘Princess’ is the first show model of our hydroponic line, but meanwhile we have added more varieties to the Intenz Home collection. Such as the Monstera, Calathea, Strelizia, Philodendron and the Sansevieria. We are proud that we have added such a beautiful product to our company. It was a road full of obstacles, in which we made use of all the knowledge available within the company. Every day a large team of enthusiastic colleagues prepare these beautiful items for our customers.


Taking care of plants in water is very simple: never put the plant itself under water, only the roots. Also leave the top part of the roots free of water so that they can breathe. A small layer of (tap) water, which only contains the roots, is therefore sufficient. Every two weeks, rinse the roots and put fresh water in the glass. If the water becomes cloudy after a few weeks, the glass can simply be rinsed. Furthermore, a place in the light is important, which  is all this plant needs, so simple! For more information about this: look on this website under ‘collection’ and then click on ‘hydroponics’.

Intenz Home Victoria

Concept Store

In our nursery, a room has been set up as a Concept Store. Customers can find inspiration here and on Saturdays consumers are more than welcome. We would like to talk to hear their experiences, including about hydroponics. We regularly give tours to tell consumers more about plants and what plants can do for you. We notice that people want to go back to basics and nature. Nice to be able to contribute to this as a company!

Multiple brokers sell our products as well. Riviera Maison, Loods 5 and Intratuin offer it in their shops. Not in the last place, because hydroponics also receives trend-setting media attention, such as TV-programs like ‘VT Wonen’ and the ‘Grote Tuinverbouwing’.

To make the products of Intenz Home easily recognizable, a tasteful, nature-friendly, cardboard gift packaging and label has been developed, which turns the product into a real gift.

Mangrove Atom


The Concept Store is open to consumers every Saturday from 10.00 – 12.30.

Oudendijkseweg 5, Woubrugge (ATM is available).

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