TuinZaken Retail Award


The TuinZaken Retail Awards are among the most important awards within the horticultural sector.

Innovation was the leitmotiv during the jury deliberation that passes its judgment on surprisingly innovative collections and concepts and the most special or most sustainable innovations among suppliers. Aspects such as price-quality ratio, logistics and service also play an important role and the new emerging names in the industry have been examined.

The six TuinZaken Product Awards 2019 have been awarded to:

  • Sempergreen (green outside),
  • VDE Plant (green inside)
  • Coen Bakker Deco (decor and atmosphere indoor)
  • Elho (decor and atmosphere outdoor)
  • Pokon Naturado (garden maintenance and tools)
  • Edgard & Cooper (pet articles)

The jury report on our concepts reads as follows:

In this time of Instagram hypes, VDE Plant is a striking player with innovative products and good concepts. A successful new trend is hydroponics. This is where plants roots – without soil – grow in water. Five years ago, the plant brand Intenz kicked off with the Clusia rosea ‘Princess’ on water, now the collection is expanded with a variety of other plants in various cylinders and vases and with or without wooden stands with added LED lighting. The nature-friendly cardboard packaging makes it a beautiful gift. “A clear concept – in the end those are the things that score in the store.”


The TuinZaken Retail Awards 2019 were awarded by a twelve-member professional jury consisting of: Peter Admiraal (Ranzijn garden & animal), Patrick Coppelmans (TC Coppelmans Nuenen), Peter Paul Kleinbussink (Intratuin), Marcel Koene (TC De Carlton), Ruud Ottenhof (TC Osdorp), Bart Renkens (TC Leurs), Joke Schalk (Life & Garden Etten-Leur), Peter Stox (bijSTOX), Hendrik Vreeman (Intratuin Deventer), Brenda Horstra (Garden Industry Netherlands), Anita Meuleman (TuinZaken) and Tjeerd Posthumus (TPK Media & Events).

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