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The Plant Company is a young business, and horticulture runs in our veins as we’ve been in this industry nearly our entire lives. As we built The Plant Company, we recognized that garden centers deserved innovative, high-quality houseplants that were easier to source and didn’t require buying an entire truckload at a time.

Premium leafjoy® Genetics

Proven Winners has long believed that “A Better Garden Starts With A Better Plant®,” and that same philosophy applies to leafjoy®. The program includes the best genetics available, designed to give the consumer a better experience while providing an exciting mix of plants for retail displays to attract novice and experienced houseplant enthusiasts alike.

The leafjoy program is divided into three product  groups: PremiumBoutique, and Collector’s Edition. This allows retailers to offer a range of price points from classic to more rare varieties.

Rosie Posie™ – pellucida

Crassula pellucida

Twirly Whirly™ – exaltata

Nephrolepis exaltata

Cute as a Button™ – cordifolia

Nephrolepis cordifolia

Color Full® Elger Grass – rufibarba

Calathea rufibarba

Socialite™ Stripestar – sanguinea

Stromanthe sanguinea

Socialite™ Trio Star – sanguinea

Stromanthe sanguinea

Our collections

To reduce consumer purchasing anxiety and simplify decision-making, we developed four leafjoy plant use collections based on locations where consumers typically use houseplants. The four color-coded collections, identified with color-coded icons on the front of each large, easy-to-read plant tag, let the shopper know where it can be used quickly — in many cases, a leafjoy plant can be used in multiple areas of a home or office.

Atrium Collection™

High light plants for brightly lit spaces

Cocoon Collection™

Low light plants for interior rooms

SpaScene Collection™

Humidity-loving plants for bathrooms

WorkLife Collection™

Space-saving plants for desks, shelves and tabletops

leafjoy premium varieties

Premium houseplant genetics, grown to exacting standards, account for about 75% of the overall program.

leafjoy boutique varieties

These unique genetics are in limited supply and, in some cases, exclusive leafjoy varieties. Boutique varieties are exclusive to Independent Garden Centers and come with a modified tag design to call them out on the retail display table.

leafjoy collector’s edition varieties

These varieties are the rarest and are in very limited supply. They are exclusive to Independent Garden Centers and come with a modified tag design and a collectible metal medallion to further call them out on the retail display table.


Our convenient location near major shipping lanes in Virginia allows leafjoy plants to get to your garden center quickly, with no need to fill an entire truck!

Feeling Flirty™


New breeding,  more compact,  & more colorful than ‘Nanouk’.