Consumer Concerns


We looked at the existing houseplant marketplace and noticed that many plants were being sold without identification and plant care tags – in fact, many plants only included a price sticker. They didn’t even have a genus, species, or variety name! Through our partnership with Proven Winners, The Brand Gardener’s Trust™, we know that helping consumers be successful with their houseplants will not only lead to repeating purchases but will also develop a higher level of trust and confidence in the leafjoy® line. To reduce the plant buyer’s anxiety as they make purchases, leafjoy plants will include a large plant tag that will give them the information they are looking for and be easy to see and read. Additionally, the label will be attached to a wooden “riser” to keep it out of the soil. It will act as a variety-specific piece of Point of Purchase as we know many retailers struggle with implementing signs and posters in their retail space. leafjoy PLANTS WILL AUTOMATICALLY SHIP WITH TAGS THAT INCLUDE:
  • An in-use, variety-specific photo to provide inspiration
  • Variety name, genus, and species
  • Why-buy and where-to-use information
  • QR code link to a video explaining leafjoy benefits
  • Easy-to-understand care information


The consumer survey clearly showed substantial concerns and anxiety surrounding the light levels plants need to perform in various rooms or areas of a house or apartment. We received comments such as the following:

  • “I only have South facing windows.”
  • “I love houseplants but often don’t have a place with enough light.”
  • “I would love to see plants that don’t need much light to beautify my home office.”
  • “Could you please put east, west, north, south, or interior room placement on the care directions?”

To address this consumer pain point, reduce their purchasing anxiety, and simplify the decision-making process, we developed four leafjoy plant use collections based on locations where consumers typically use houseplants.

The collection names will be identified with color-coded icons on the front of each plant tag to let the shopper know where it can be used quickly — in many cases, a leafjoy plant can be used in multiple areas of a home or office.

  • The leafjoy plant’s collections in the garden center make merchandising and selling easy! Using eye-catching Points of Purchase pieces for each collection, staff and shoppers can quickly identify the matching color-coded icons on the tags, posters, or bench cards. This will allow the staff member to quickly and easily guide the shopper or, even better, turn the leafjoy department into a self-service shopping experience!