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We know caring for houseplants can be intimidating for many consumers, so we’ve developed leafjoy® H2O, the easiest houseplant a consumer will ever own. These unique and innovative hydroponic bottle gardens create strong impulse sales at retail from novice to experienced houseplant enthusiasts. Virtually care-free, other than adding a little more water about once per month or when the container is almost empty, leafjoy H2O items can be used in any light condition such as on a windowsill, desk, nightstand, kitchen counter, or anywhere else the consumer can imagine, and thrives for 6-months to 1-year and longer.

leafjoy H2O is the ideal gift item for friends, teachers, family, employees, or anyone who wants to bring nature inside™ in the most low-maintenance way. The leafjoy H2O program is a fantastic impulse sales item with strong margin potential—perfect for every garden center.

leafjoy® H2O BOWl

A collection of houseplants that thrive hydroponically. The plants come leaf-shined in an eye-catching glass bowl, with a variety specific tag and care instructions on a rubber ring that affixes to the cork holding the plant and water in place.

leafjoy H2O Mini

A collection of houseplant that thrive hydroponically, while completely enclosed in the plass container. The container come with a variety specific tag and care instructions on a rubber ring that affixes to the cork. A table-top display unit is also available for cash-wrap impulse sales opportunities.

leafjoy Collector's Edition,
leafjoy Boutique & leafjoy Premium Varieties

leafjoy premium varieties

Premium houseplant genetics, grown to exacting standards, account for about 75% of the overall program.

leafjoy boutique varieties

These unique genetics are in limited supply and, in some cases, exclusive leafjoy varieties. Boutique varieties are exclusive to Independent Garden Centers and come with a modified tag design to call them out on the retail display table.

leafjoy collector’s edition varieties

These varieties are the rarest and are in very limited supply. They are exclusive to Independent Garden Centers and come with a modified tag design and a collectible metal medallion to further call them out on the retail display table.

leafjoy® Plants

Our collections​

To reduce consumer purchasing anxiety and simplify decision-making, we developed four leafjoy® plant use collections based on locations where consumers typically use houseplants. The four color-coded collections, identified with color-coded icons on the front of each large, easy-to-read plant tag, let the shopper know where it can be used quickly — in many cases, a leafjoy plant can be used in multiple areas of a home or office.
  • H2O® Bowl And Beaker Collection

  • H2O® Mini Collection

  • Littles™

  • Atrium® Collection

  • Cocoon® Collection

  • SpaScene® Collection

  • WorkLife™ Collection



  • State-of-the-art European greenhouse
  • Stuarts Draft, Virginia, provides the optimum amount of light and growing temperatures
  • Conveniently located close to major shipping lanes


  • Plants are virus indexed and started from tissue culture resulting in disease-free, high-quality plants
  • We grow all our young plants – assuring that they will be weed and insect-free
  • Cutting-edge ErfGoed flood floors create a healthy and uniform crop


The combined growing practices in our greenhouse results in a superior plant for retailers and consumers. We are committed to growing leafjoy® plants to a larger size and quality specification than traditional houseplant growers. leafjoy plants are leaf-shined before leaving the greenhouse, so they appear in your garden center looking fantastic. We developed the leafjoy program to overcome consumer “pain points,” which benefit retailers in several ways. We surveyed thousands of consumers through our Facebook and Instagram platforms asking, “Why do you buy houseplants” and “What are your concerns about houseplants?”

Retailer Support


Consumers look to houseplants to beautify their homes and bring a touch of nature indoors – this feedback led directly to the creation of the leafjoy tagline, bring nature inside™. We are confident that when consumers see this on tags, point-of-purchase materials, social media graphics, and other marketing messages, it will immediately resonate with the shopper as they make their purchase decisions.


Consumers’ concerns center on not knowing where to put houseplants
in their home and how to care for the plant once they’ve brought it home from the garden center. As we looked at other houseplant programs, we quickly noticed a lack of various names, care, and where-to-use information on plant tags (in many cases, plant tags aren’t used at all).